Transportation System

Bus/Train System

The fruit of over many years of work in public transportation around the world, the ATSS suite today sets the standard for bus, tram, and other transportation scheduling and operations. ATSS is a powerful and flexible solution generating substantial improvements in a wide variety of operating contexts.

ATSS offers a modular solution for planning and analysis, scheduling, operations, and customer information.

  • Planning and analysis tools provide network and timetabling modeling functions, allowing multimodal service synchronization while minimizing vehicle requirements. Run time and ridership data analysis modules contribute to improved use of fleet and improved service for customers. A business intelligence component quickly highlights trends observed in historical data.
  • Scheduling modules that include industry-leading optimizers allow public transport providers to produce efficient vehicle and operator/crew schedules. Powerful algorithms create cost-saving vehicle and crew schedules, as well as multi-day rosters. In repeated tests and implementations around the world, ATSS scheduling algorithms produce savings of 2 to 5% and more compared to competing systems and manual methods.
  • Daily operations modules help you manage changes to planned service and vehicle/operator assignments. Complete and up-to-date information is always available, and mobile and Web-based applications allow for direct interaction with operators and other front-line personnel. ATSS monitors key performance indicators and statistics, and exports accurate timekeeping data for payroll. Benefits include a significant reduction in clerical tasks and errors, increased traceability, as well as optimization of daily vehicle and operator assignments.
  • Customer information modules provide detailed trip planning and stop level information accessible through Web sites, mobile devices, stop posters, IVR systems, electronic signage, and more.

Passenger rail

ATSS-Rail is an integrated software solution for planning and daily management of passenger rail transportation. Versatile tools and powerful optimizers help national, regional, and commuter rail operators plan and manage timetables, rolling stock, and crew/other staff assignments.

After implementing ATSS-Rail, operators observe an overall reduction of time and manpower operating costs, as well as an increase in potential service offering. Other benefits include increased crew and station-staff satisfaction as their preferences are taken into account when building schedules and assigning work.

The software allows robust timetabling and detection/resolution of conflicts. With ATSS-Rail, schedulers can define temporary circulation restrictions on track segments, manage track unavailability due to maintenance, and explore potential solutions. They can also minimize the required number of vehicle units and vehicle-kilometers while taking into account expected passenger loads and ensuring quality service. Headway modifications, resynchronization, security buffers, yard balancing, multi-crew, and many more features allow railway operators to generate greatly improved scheduling solutions.

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