Cybersecurity Incident Response

For Atss who are concerned about the potential of incidents or are under attack and require emergency response -- IR provides highly-skilled, flexible and responsive resources to comprehensively and cost-effectively handle security incidents.

Incidents Happen

Information security incidents can and will happen to anyone. Whether it is webpage defacement or takeover, a breach or loss of customer personal information, or a distributed denial of service attack, the chances are very good that you will suffer some sort of cyber based attack that will require incident response. As hackers become more sophisticated and insiders become bolder, agencies and companies both need to be ready to respond at a moment's notice. It is the ultimate test of readiness. Having and executing a plan can be the difference between weathering an incident and letting it destroy or degrade consumer confidence, share price, and make you out of compliance with contracts, laws and regulations. ATSS can help companies and agencies develop comprehensive incident response plans, implement and test these plans, and respond to incidents with well-trained responders, investigators and forensic data collectors. We have a unique ability to see how incidents impacted not only an individual client, but also entire industries, and formulate a response accordingly.


Helps clients prepare for, respond to, and survive an information security related incident. Our services include:


  • Incident containment and investigation support as requested.
  • Log, host, and network based forensics as required.
  • Reverse engineering and analysis of malware if needed.
  • Status reporting and/or presentations associated with findings
  • Litigation support services
  • Expert witness services


  • Policy review and development
  • Ongoing monitoring for breaches
  • Installation and monitoring of forensic appliances for remote forensics
  • Incident response and information security training
  • Legal, regulatory, insurance, and compliance reviews


  • Program review, design, and development
  • Incident response and network monitoring training
  • On-Demand IR staff during implementation


  • Impact and damage Assessment
  • Information security regulatory compliance services
  • Privacy impact review
  • Counsel, vendor and supplier coordination
  • Consumer mitigation services
  • Data breach remediation, repair and notification services
  • Support for SEC disclosure, regulatory reporting and international coordination
  • Cyber insurance claims coordination
  • Validation and certification services
  • Disaster recovery and business continuation planning

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